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Mitsui Semi-Automatic Precision Grinder

Extremely heavy meahanite castings, internal rib reinforced. Our meahanite casting base uses jack bolts and plates for a 5 point leveling system. Another feature, which is a trademark with the Mitsui Design, is the ease in removal and replacement of key components, providing for "No Hassle" maintenance which translates to minimum down time and cost.

Not all surface grinder manufacturers can attest to precision the way we do. Our cartridge spindle is second to none and REMOVABLE. The carriage/saddle moving on (2) 45 "Vees" combined with the table moving on Linear Ball Bearings make for the repeatability for which MITSUI is known. NO design compromises here.

Precision by design means little if it can not be maintained. MITSUI provides the durability for this with D-2 hardened and ground steel ways on the table, Carriage/Saddle and even on the column for vertical movement. The linear ball bearings complement the table/carriage union with durability. The cartridge spindle's lubrication is sealed in for life and the dust sealed out. The Standard Automatic Lubricating System leaves you 1 less task to worry about, as it lubricates ALL vital components automatically to insure minimal wear and friction.

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