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This exciting new product in our waterjet lineup features the quality and accuracy you expect from Mitsubishi. The MWX3 is our first cantilever design machine in our product offering. The features and benefits of this new model include:

  • Simple 3 Axis Cutting - utilizes a cantilever design mounted to a wide, solid tubular frame 
  • X-axis Rack and Pinion Drive – Provides a solid, cost effective drive system for the long axis 
  • Y axis 32mm Ball Screw Drive - Provides a lighter yet very accurate means of driving the cutting head 
  • Auto Grease system – Provides lubrication to both linear ways and axes drive systems 
  • Pump control – Completely incorporated into the CNC cabinet 
  • Work Table Design – Slats are located by slots, but height is set by a solid indicated flat bar 
  • NEW HMI allows for easier use of control graphics, functions, editing

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